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Bird Proofing

Bird proofing

Dealey Bird Control recommends and uses Integrated Avian Pest Management (IAPM) for an efficient, effective and successful bird control campaign, all of the methods listed must be given due consideration.

Once our survey has been conducted, we will consider all of these methodologies and systems and advise which combination would be best for your avian pest problem.


All birds and animals are protected by the European directive, Parliament decides how much protection is given to each species, and what is classed as a pest not us.

Most problems can be dealt with under the governments general license but in some cases a special license has to be applied for, we will always do this work and carry out the work needed with the methods set down in the special license when issued.

In not doing so can lead to a unlimited fine for your company and us and possibly a prison sentence for all involved.

Bird control Hawks and falcons

We have specially trained birds of prey, which we use to our advantage. By keeping up pressure on the pest birds, this creates a hostile environment for them, disrupting their habits and using their instincts to encourage them off site.

The beauty of a flock mentality is that once the area is considered a bad place to be it is much easier to keep pest birds away because their flight lines will naturally avoid the area the birds of prey are being worked in and, as you may know, these flight lines can be passed down from generation to generation making the job easier in the future.

This is why using birds of prey on a regular basis is so effective. If done right, the birds will consider the grounds the territory of a predator and avoid the areas where the bird is being used.

The Technicians are always happy to come to site, free of charge to conduct a survey and give you a flying demo where possible and answer any questions you may have.

Laser autonomic

 In location where grid power is not available, the Autonomic can be equipped with a solar charging system to enable operation. Autonomic can save up to 16 different patterns. enabling bird repelling capability at the periods and places of your choice. (PSS) patented projection safety system prevents the Autonomic from projecting the laser beam outside of the predefined patterns. The user has the ability to set up the safety sensitivity level (low, medium, high and extra high) by choosing appropriate settings based on preferences and characteristics of the pattern. The Autonomic has an effective range in bright light of 300 meters increasing to 2400 meters when dusk.

Handheld laser

 This laser has the same technologies as the autonomic but can be used pretty much everywhere it has a sighting sight for safety, while it can be used as the only scaring device, when used with our hawks this becomes one of the best scaring devices around.

Bird netting

Bird Netting is very effective for a variety of species from gulls to sparrows. Bird netting is virtually the only system that can be used with 100% confidence to keep birds off of the treated area, the bird netting can cover entire roofs and most structures, and when properly installed, bird netting is virtually invisible. Most bird nets have a working life of 10 years or more in the UK.

A free survey and risk assessment is provided to tailor the bird control net to your sites particular needs. We have extensive experience with bird netting installations from warehouses, commercial properties, silos to name a few.

Bird Spikes

Offer a versatile bird control method to ledges and edges of roof tops and structures designed to provide a humane control of problem urban birds. The upward pointing wires or ‘spikes’ act as a physical barrier to the birds without hurting them. Bird spiking strips can be fixed to almost any surface with ultra violet stabilised plastic bases and stainless steel wire ensures the spikes last many years.

Bird wire

Is a highly effective method for light pressure bird control, is totally a humane deterrent. Is so discreet that it does not even look out of place on glass fronted buildings when fitted correctly. consisting of tensioned wire between springs fixed between pillars. This can be fitted to most outside surfaces. Bird wire can also be used in conjunction with other bird proofing systems such as bird spikes if the situation merits its use. This method is cost effective.

Air rifles and firearms

In some cases it maybe necessary to use lethal force as the above methods will not be not possible due to regulations or the problem has to be resolved immediately due to health or protection of humans. All staff carrying out this work have qualifications in the safe use and handling of firearms and have passed a marksman test recognised by the BASC and BDS

Bird net using bespoke framework
Bird net using bespoke framework
Laser bird deterrent
Laser bird deterrent
Bird deterrents
Bird deterrents

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