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Dealey are Proud Members of the British Pest Control Association- and we have been for over 25 years!

Monday 10th February 2020

Dealey is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) – the leading trade body for pest control professionals.


Our membership is earned, we work very hard for it every year. We are proud to display the BPCA logo on our website and our documents because membership is a sign of professionalism and a mark of quality.


BPCA promotes best practice and being part of the organisation provides independent proof that we’re committed to excellence in every part of our business.


We’ve been Full Servicing Members of BPCA for over 25 years.


It’s not just a paid-for logo OR a desktop exercise.


There’s nothing worse than those badges where you pay a few quid, exchange a few emails and all of a sudden you can wear a badge like a decorated war hero, having seen very little action. BPCA membership couldn’t be further from that.


Fully Committed to Training and Expertise

All of our technicians are actively involved in maintaining our high standing in BPCA. Each Dealey pest control, falconry and fumigation technician is individually registered with the BPCA. They log their training, unstructured learning hours and new qualifications on the BPCA register to maintain their status as BPCA Registered professionals.


We have technicians on every stage of the BPCA Registered journey, from trainee right through to Specialist. We find this a great way to map career progression through the company. Taking our membership seriously shows our new employees and customers that we consider training, expertise and professionalism as core values for the company.


We also put our money where our mouth is, with formal training costs being between 8 and 10% of our total revenue.


Martin, the Dealey MD, has been an Executive Board Member of the BPCA for six years and ended up as Vice President.

David, the Dealey Fumigation Manager, has been part of the BPCA Fumigation Committee since the ‘90s!

Mark Head of the Dealey bird control department is now on the Executive Board of the BPCA.

As well as these contributions we have also delivered presentations to the BPCA membership detailing the advances in the various pest control specialisms we get involved with. So far, we have delivered over twenty talks on new developments, and that number will keep growing as our research and development evolves.


What our British Pest Control Association membership means for our lovely customers


Membership is the recognition of our expertise in the world of pest control and our commitment to continued professional development.


It shows we abide by industry Codes of Conduct and Practice and pass regular audits against British Standard EN 16636 – the benchmark of quality for pest management operators across Europe.


The audits are no small thing either. After our very first M&A project, we used the BPCA audit to bring the acquired company up to speed with what we expect. We don’t want to just pass an audit; we want the auditor to leave with a glowing impression of a company that really takes professionalism in pest control seriously.


Membership also confirms that we’re able to provide detailed advice on pest prevention measures and will carry out a proper survey before starting any work. We often get calls asking for prices over the phone. The answer is always no. Every site is different and exists in a different environment to any other. Surveys are essential to properly manage the pests that might be knocking on the door, and we are 100% delighted and compliant with the requirement that all sites must be surveyed before attempting a pest control programme.


It’s evidence that we protect staff, customers and members of the public through risk and COSHH assessments, it means we only employ technicians who meet or exceed the industry standard qualifications and shows that we’re committed to Continuous Professional Development.


Being part of BPCA also confirms that we hold the proper insurances. When you are dealing with customer’s products and research that sometimes reach multiple millions of pounds in IP value or commodity value, don’t you think that might be important?


Our membership also gives us unparalleled access to technical support, business guidance and help with documentation and legislation – which means we’re always ahead of the game. A business is only as good as the support around it, we want the best for our customers, and that is why we take our membership so seriously.


In short, it’s an independent affirmation that our customers will be protected professionally.


You can always check our membership status at


Dealey BPCA membership
Dealey are full British Pest Control Association servicing members
All Dealey techs are BPCA Registered
Training is at the heart of everything we do
Presenting to the BPCA Forums
Dealey BS-EN 16636

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