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Bird rescue

On occaussians birds enter a building and don,t seem to want to fly out regardless of how many doors and windows you open, this means the bird has become trapped and needs help getting out. In most cases we are able to remove the bird using our general licenses however many birds if they cannot be shoed out a bird spesific license is required and the bird has to be removed using mist nets or traps. The quickest and safest method is our mist netting service. Mist nets have been used for many years by ornithologists to capture and monitoring bird populations. However, it has proven to be an effective method of rescuing trapped birds.  Mist netting involves setting up a very fine net suspended between two poles, the nets can be many meters wide. Once the nets are set up the mist nets are lifted to the required height sometimes 10 plus meters high. The nets are placed to intercept the bird while flying around. When the birds fly into the mist net, they become entangled, the technician can then carefully extract the bird from the net, the bird is then relocated five plus miles from the site so it does not become trapped in your building again.

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