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Falconry - for bird control, if done correctly, is the best and most natural form of control available very rarely does it require any other methods to be used other than some basic control measures and does not cause harm to any of the birds being controlled. Using our specially trained birds of prey, we can cover many different environments and nearly all the bird species.

How does it work? Before the start of a contract, we will establish a program, specific to your issues. To achieve this, we will identify the most appropriate vantage points from which to fly the Raptors, and vary the times of each site visit, so that the pest birds being deterred don’t become accustomed to a set routine and learn when danger is going to be present. Birds are naturally wary of birds of prey; however, hawks and falcons just being in the area won’t convince birds like geese, gulls or pigeons they need to find a new location to be safe. Flying birds of prey trained to emulate an active hunting bird of prey are key; this makes the site far less attractive for nesting, roosting or a feeding location.

As our birds of prey are worked over the site, the pest birds take flight due to the threat (our birds of prey will not attack the pest birds, they are trained to be deterrent birds only). Over a relatively short period of time, the flocks start to break up and spend longer periods of time off-site, and eventually not returning at all. 

All our birds wear a recordable GPS tracker of their flights these are included in your electronic report for each visit which also includes a bird count of the pest birds on your site before we start, so you can see the progress being made.

The tracker also means, should the working bird ever end up in an unwanted location, we can retrieve the bird quickly and return to the area being controlled.
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GPS tracking

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