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  • Martin Cobbald


    Martin has been pest controlling since he was 16 years old. He started in the fumigation crew at Dealey Fumigation and went on to be managing director of the company nine years later. He took on the Managing Director role at Step Pest Control in 2016 which has since been amalgamated into Dealey.

    Brief Description

    Irritatingly positive and unthinkably hairy.

    Special Powers

    Insects are his main passion, be they pests or not, he is a good contact if you have something scary and bug-shaped and you’re not sure what to do...

  • David Burgess

    David Burgess

    Fumigation Manager

    David has been working in the fumigation industry for 26 years beginning his career at Igrox as Operations Manager. He progressed to head up the operations team and oversaw the transition of Igrox’s business during their merger with Connaught Plc.

    Later in his career, he ran fumigation operations for Rentokil as Fumigation Manager for the UK. He now has his dream job as Fumigation Manager for Dealey Fumigation covering the whole of the UK.

    Brief description

    David is the most technically qualified fumigation professional in the UK. Enough said.

    Special powers

    When he gets that far-away look in his eye, he’s probably already worked out your insect problems and started thinking about bicycles.

  • Mark White

    Head of Falconry and Bird Control

    Mark has been at Dealey since 2010. He joined us after a long lay-off with a broken spine. He started as he went on- at a million miles per hour- you would have never known that two years previously, he wasn't able to walk.

    Brief Description

    If you get Mark talking about bird control, you'd better be sitting comfortably. It's an in-depth topic, and Mark epitomises the Dealey philosophy; If you want to be an expert- get geeky!

    Special Powers

    Used to be a stunt man for the flicks- so he can do falconry from horseback, naturally.

  • Angela Chettle-Sloan

    Area Manager - Midlands

    Ange is an exceptionally friendly soul with a passion for wildlife. Has impeccable agricultural roots having cut her teeth in the world of pig husbandry. You need that affinity to be able to manage animals of all sizes.

    Brief Description

    Humility and honesty sum up Ange. She will tell you straight, be warned!

    Special Powers

    Has impenetrable banter armour. We have been searching for chinks, none found

  • Action shot of a fumigator

    Daniel Knight

    Container Fumigator

    Dan joined us from Frontier Agriculture, where he was their fumigator at large. Additional to his skills in applying gas, he also is qualified in phytosanitary protocols, barley and wheat identification and counterbalance driving.

    We don't know how we did without him.

    Brief Description

    Slow and steady wins the prize. Dan wins prizes. He also manages to see jobs through to the finish every time without fail. What a lad.

    Special Powers

    Utterly, utterly, unflappable

  • Maria Buxton

    Fumigation Trainee

    Joined us from the fire service which brings all the transferrable skills of someone already well used to dealing with toxic gasses.

    Brief Description

    The ultimate team player, Maria is the first person to search out if you are having a bad morning.

    Special Powers

    Knows more about Star Wars than any other living human being, including George Lucas.

  • Lee Hodgson

    Lee Hodgson

    Service Technician

    Lee is from pest control stock. His father was a pest controller before him. He joins us from the mean streets of London where he was exposed to the densest population of pests in these sceptered isles

    Brief Description

    Speaks funny, but we don't mind. Has a genuine wide eyed interest in all things pesty. Unbelievably friendly, which might have something to do with seeing the pests of London every day and making it out alive.

    Special Powers

    He is a regular Dr Doolittle and can speak to parrots. Both the parrots and the language used can be quite blue...

  • Roxanne Britnell


    Roxanne has falconry in her soul. She has her team of five pest control birds including a peregrine, gyr saker and harris hawk. She treats them better than royalty, and they respond to her every beck and call to relive sites of infesting pest birds.

    Brief Description

    She has a degree in animal management but has stooped to our level because... who wouldn't want to be a falconer?!

    Special Powers

    Doesn't have to put on the red light, unless it's for an incubator. Yes, she raises these birds from harmless egg to scary adult.

  • Martin Roberts


    Martin joined us from US military bases where he was in charge of preventing bird strikes. He brings that extra level of urgency to bird control that can only be formed with billions of dollars of government tech on the line.

    Brief Description

    Is nicer to his birds than he is to people, which is quite an achievement because he is possibly the nicest man in the world.

    Special Powers

    Very strong beard game.