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Gulls Breeding season

Breeding Gulls

Most companies for the first time only notice they have a gull breeding colony when it comes to the middle of the breeding season around May/June; there are only two effective ways to stop breeding gulls at this point Netting the entire roof with an appropriate system, this has an immediate effect as it acts as a physical barrier and is non-lethal and Egg removal/Oiling- Since 2019 this must be done under a breed-specific licence, and can only be used if no other non-lethal methods will work or are not viable. This method takes two to five year depending on species and size of the breeding colony. With an established colony, egg removal sees a reduction of around 40% year on year. If the egg removal is carried out with our falconry service which can be carried out all year round with no license needing to be applied for the reduction rate of breeding birds can reduce by another twenty to thirty per cent as it increases the stress levels and the site becomes less viable.


Laser - If we find Falconry is not suitable for your site, or it is a service you don’t wish to have, a bird scaring laser can be installed and used in its place, click here for laser installation and use.

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