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Gulls Breeding season

Breeding Gulls

Most companies only notice a gull breeding colony issue when it comes to the middle of the breeding season normally around May/June, there are only Two effective ways to stop breeding gulls from using your site. Netting the entire roof with an appropriate net, this has an immediate effect as it acts as a physical barrier. None lethal.

Egg removal/Oiling- This must be done under a breed specific licence, this method takes three to five breeding seasons to stop all gulls from breeding, although there is a reduction of around 60% year on year. Dealey bird control and falconry will always apply for this license on your behalf.

The egg removal or oiling can only be carried out if you can prove you have tried or considered all other proofing and deterrence’s first, other than one exception using our falconry service before the breeding season starts from January and continuing through the breeding season, you don’t have to try any other deterrents, as all deterrents are based on a bird of prey being in the area. Having a falconry service also helps enforce your site is no longer viable as a breeding site and shortens the breeding season by about a month, it also helps reduce the amount of time egg removal or oiling needs to be carried out.  

Laser - If we find Falconry is not suitable for your site, or it is a service you don’t wish to have, a bird scaring laser can be can be installed and used in its place of the bird of prey. Although not quite as effective it is the next best thing, click here for laser installation and use.

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