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The great thing about the team is that there are no egos here. If your technician can’t work a problem out he has the support of the whole team to do it collectively. So, not only do you have the on site presence of a good pest controller at your disposal, you have the brains and experience of whole WhatsApp group of committed and passionate pest controllers to keep your site pest free.

With the experience we have gained it has become possible to really make premises pest free. A lot of the time we can make small environmental changes to put ourselves out of a job, without even the need to kill anything!

The keys to our working practices are sympathy, consistency, reliability and effectiveness. If you want more info call Martin- he’ll talk you through the culture here, it may take a while to get him to stop talking but you’ll find out that we mean business when it comes to professionalism in pest control and especially technical excellence.

One more thing. Unlike most companies, we don’t limit the amount of time our people spend on your site.

It’s in our company rules to never sell over our capacity. If you have a pest problem that needs sorting we will see it through to the bitter end.

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