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Bird Proofing Service

Bird proofing - is the installation of a product to physically block the birds from accessing a given area, when correctly installed results are immediately effective and totally humane; It is important however to select the right proofing materials for the work in hand and the bird population being controlled. If birds are nesting it may be necessary to wait for the birds to fledge, or a license will be needed.

Bird Proof Nets - are made of durable materials that are resistant to weather and can be customized to fit a variety of shapes of differing sizes in a variety of settings including the roofs of buildings, bridges, warehouses, factories, silos, and other industrial facilities. The bird net once installed prevents the birds from accessing that area giving protection from contamination, nesting and roosting immediately. 

Mag-net - produces a safe electromagnetic field which birds cannot get through. The system is super lightweight, easy to maintain and ideal for installations on fragile roofs, around complicated structures or in areas other proofing systems are not wanted. The system is low profile and very discreet. 

Bird spike - can be used to stop small and large flocks of birds from landing on ledges of buildings, bridges, gutters, signs, and other structures. Bird spikes typically consist of two to three rows of blunted prongs made of durable materials such as stainless steel or plastic. The prongs act as a spring pushing the birds away as they try to land. The bird spikes base can be secured to the surface using adhesive, screws, or clips. Bird spikes are a cost-effective solution and a humane way to prevent birds from causing damage to buildings and structures or making a mess below roosting and nesting areas. 

Bird post and wire systems - prevent low to moderate bird infestations from landing and roosting on ledges of buildings, bridges, gutters, signs, and other structures. The post and wire system creates an unstable and uncomfortable surface by pushing the bird off the structure making it difficult for birds to land or roost, this discourages the birds from settling in the area. The system typically consists of a series of posts that are spaced a certain distance apart, a thin stainless-steel wire is attached to a spring keeping the wire tort and suspended between the posts. The posts are either fitted to a purpose-made base which can be glued, screwed, or clipped into place, or holes are drilled into the surface fitted with a plug to hold the post in place. Bird post and wire systems are very discreet.

Solar panels proofing - There have been many materials and different fixing methods used to proof solar panels, sadly many of them don’t work, damage the panels, invalidate the warranty, and make servicing impossible. We understand the importance of protecting solar panels from birds without causing any damage or warranty issues. We only use approved products that are safe and effective. Our systems prevent birds from roosting and nesting under the panels while still allowing for easy maintenance access without invalidating your warranty.

By choosing our services, you can be assured that your protected from birds in a safe and effective way. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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