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Building Fumigation

Building fumigation

 Most of the time, when we refer to building fumigation we are talking about:

  • Flour mill fumigation
  • Food factory fumigation
  • Rice mill fumigation
  • Warehouse fumigation

More rarely we also encounter the following:

  • Historic building fumigation
  • Cruise ship fumigation (it’s a floating hotel after all)
  • Church fumigation
  • Poultry house fumigation

We cannot do:

  • Domestic residences

If we can keep the gas inside of a building, we will be able to fumigate it.

What are the benefits of fumigating a whole building?

The great advantage of building fumigation is that it gets any structure down to zero pests after only 48 hours. It is effective against all insect pests, rodent pests, and mite pests.

We use Bluefume which is the most effective fumigant on the market. Dealey have been the sole registered user of Bluefume in the UK since 2019.

The great benefits of Bluefume (and there are lots) can be found in our article here.

Bluefume is injected into the building through an installed fumigant distribution system which can be installed permanently or temporarily depending on your preference.

Is building fumigation effective?

Yes, and we can prove it.

During every building fumigation we use bioassays to show efficacy.

After every building fumigation you will be provided with readings from our data loggers which measure the exact levels of fumigant gas in multiple areas of the building being fumigated.

After many years of building fumigation experience we have seen building fumigants come and go. Since methyl bromide was banned for use in the UK, Bluefume has been the only replacement which is actually as effective as methyl bromide was.

Other gases which have been registered as building fumigants in the UK have not been very effective against insect eggs. This led to many companies that used building fumigation in their fumigation strategy to be disappointed with results when they see insects again after only a few weeks.

Bluefume is very effective against eggs, even mite eggs which are the very hardest thing to eradicate from a building.

When it comes to analysis of data after a fumigation, we often find we have gone over the CTP required for mite eggs by a factor of 20. (What’s a CTP? Glad you asked, see here for an explanation).

Is building fumigation safe for the environment?

Other building fumigants have come and gone. They were unfailingly disastrous for the environment.

There was methyl bromide which burned a hole in the ozone layer and was phased out of use after the signing of the Montreal Protocol in the 19980s

Then there is sulfuryl fluoride which according to scientists at Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University is 7,500 times worse than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. It has an atmospheric life of 36 years. And its environmental fate is in the ocean.

Conversely, Bluefume is a natural gas which quickly breaks down in the atmosphere into compounds that are beneficial to plant growth.

Bluefume is an overwhelmingly better fumigant for the environment than other building fumigants.

Bluefume poses no risk to surrounding people and businesses and is very effective against pests. We love it.


If you have pests in your building and want them gone, please get in touch to talk about building fumigation using the “Get in Touch” button below.


Building Fumigation
Building Fumigation
the most up to date detection apparatus must be used to ensure a safe fumigation
the most up to date detection apparatus must be used to ensure a safe fumigation
the most up to date detection apparatus must be used to ensure a safe fumigation
the most up to date detection apparatus must be used to ensure a safe fumigation

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