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Aircraft Fumigation

Pests on planes

Dealey are the only UK company able to fumigate planes with fumigant gases.

Why fumigate aircraft? Well, even planes get pests.

Largely these are either bedbugs on planes or cockroaches on planes. Every so often we get asked to get rid of a rat on a plane too.

Let's go into detail here:

Bedbugs on planes.

These are a seldom recorded problem because people tend to react to a bedbug bite one or two days after actually encountering a bug, which means passengers rarely point the finger of blame at an airline. These are quite big bugs however, and a vigilant passenger, drinking his or her bloody mary while everyone else is asleep might see these critters roaming free in a cabin. In the days of social media, it is not a good look.

The way most airlines try to get on top of bedbugs is by engaging a contractor to perform a heat treatment. The problem with this is it can take a very long time with treatments lasting 24 to 48 hours. Even after all this time, heat treatments can still fail, with bedbugs being pushed out of the cabin and into the frame of the aircraft. When this happens, a problem can be made into a persistent disaster.

Cockroaches on planes.

These are brought in by catering and they can then infest a whole plane structure. There is the traditional route of trying to poison cockroaches over time by putting down baits. Far be it from us to tell people how to go about their business but keeping airline staff in close quarters with strong insecticide might not be too safe. There is a better way. With an aircraft fumigation we can kill of all the bugs and make sure that the atmosphere is completely clear of fumigant before anyone boards the plane after treatment.

Rodents on planes.

Every so often a rat or mouse might find its way onto a plane. If this happens, they can be very difficult to catch. i have heard of planes being grounded for weeks while a contractor tries to catch a mouse on a sticky board.

With our fumigation service we can get planes back in the sky within a few hours.

Retrieving the carcasses after fumigation- avoiding the smells

Now, you might think that gassing rodents might leave an array of dead rat bodies in hard to reach places, but we have some devious ways of marshalling the rodents around the cabin so that when they expire they are easily retrievable and your passengers are not left with a nasty smell for their flight!


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fumigation for bedbug on plane
Bed bugs on planes
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Cockroaches on planes
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Rats on a plane

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