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We are one of two companies in the East of England qualified to supply and install the Avix Autonomic. There are two types of laser, the handheld and a standalone version. The AVIX Autonomic is the newest generation of the automated bird-scaring laser. Both are an effective solution to humanely repelling larger numbers of birds; the handheld can be used in all areas the autonomic can only be installed on rooftops and areas that have restricted access in the UK as the Autonomic works continuously protecting the set area. Birds perceive the approaching laser as a physical threat it has proven to be effective over time without pest birds becoming habituated to the device.

The AVIX Autonomic is customizable, allowing it to be adapted to your needs. The device can be fitted with additional add ons, to allow remote on/off switching and an fpv allowing real-time viewing of the laser from a safe distance. It is also designed for any future upgrades and updates via the AVIX Connect application. Should any replacement parts be needed, its modular design allows for an easy replacement minimizing downtime.

The device also allows us to receive push notifications on phones or email if the unit has disconnected from its power supply. With the Bluetooth connection, we can change settings.


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