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Bird scaring laser service

Bird scaring Lasers

Lasers - have been used to scare birds for quite a few years and growing in popularaty this has seen other models come to the market which are less effective and harmful to the birds. We only use and supply Avix as this is proven to not harm birds and stays effective. The autonomic is used on roofs and in secure locations. The handheld can be used in many locations by qualified technicians. The laser uses a specific wavelength and power of laser light that produces a bright green beam that can be seen by birds from a distance, causing them to perceive it as a physical threat and leave the area.

The Autonomic laser once set up by a trained operator works automatically, The device can operate in 360 degress. Monitoring of the device and operational changes can all be done by blue tooth. The lasers are low maintanance and great in areas where other methods such as netting or bird spikes are impractical.



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