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The Law

Legislation around nuisance birds has changed

  All wild birds in the UK including their nests and eggs are protected by law. Click here to read the Act (wildlife and countryside Act 1981). Any one associated with committing and offence under this legislation could be fined and possibly receive a jail sentence.Click any of the links below for your own countries licensing options. Legislation set out by Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Natural Resource Wales Northern Ireland Department of the Environment, determines what actions can be taken in each country.


The days have gone when you could book a technician to come in and shoot/kill pest birds. Before any lethal control measures are implemented, by law you must consider all non-lethal methods first, and there must be no other satisfactory solution. Click here to see our non-lethal services. However, the government does recognise it is not always possible to implement non-lethal control measures, and allow authorised people to act under what is known as a general license for the following reasons.

 Direct links below are for England please use links above for your relevent country and follow their links to general licences.

Only birds listed in the relevant General Licence can be controlled/removed by an authorised person.

If the relevant bird species is not covered under the general license, Dealey Bird control and Falconry will advise you of this and if needed apply for a special licence on your behalf. We will always come to your site first and advise on all the practical methods and services available, making sure your company does not fall foul of the licencing requirements by Natural England, we will always try to dissuade problematic bird from your location, and recommend and create a less attractive environment for the nuisance birds on your premises, before undertaking any form of lethal control.


What could you do to help yourself:

The installation of preventative measures should always be carried out by a professional.

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