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Bird control Laws

Legislation around Bird control.

Under the 1974 health and safety act companies have a duty of care to its staff to provide a safe and healthy environment to work in, a bird in the wrong place could be a breach if left unchecked.

There is also the 2006 animal welfare act that protects all domestic and wild animals. Under section 2 an animal that becomes trapped in your building or a man-made structure is no longer living in a wild state this means your company has a legal duty under section 4 to prevent suffering and harm even unintentionally. Under section 9 Your company has a responsibility to the trapped animal to provide it fresh water, appropriate food to sustain good health, shelter from the elements, space to move, and veterinary care if needed.

The control of birds is governed by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, This makes it illegal to intentionally kill, injure, or take any wild bird or to damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built. As such, it is important to ensure that any bird control activities are carried out in accordance with the law and with the appropriate licenses in place.

In the UK, most Bird control is carried out under section 4 exceptions 1 (3,4,5,6) and the licenses to control birds are issued by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). which allow individuals or organizations to take measures to manage or control populations of certain bird species. The licenses are designed to balance the need to protect bird populations with the need to protect public health and safety, prevent damage to property, and conserve other wildlife.

Before a license is used:

  • A Record of what issues the birds are causing and all non-lethal control measures tried and their results must be Recorded.

 If found guilty of an offense under these Acts, the penalties can include fines, imprisonment, and confiscation of equipment used in the commission of the offense.

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