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Ship Fumigation

Fumigation for bulk vessels

Undoubtedly the most difficult kind of fumigation. We have worked out at sea, climbing up rope ladders from pilot boats. We have woken angry Russian captains in the middle of the night. We have accompanied vessels on their journeys to Africa, cozying up with the Filipino crew. We have dealt with shifting cargo, short-term fumigations on coast hoppers, rust buckets, panamaxes. We have seen the lot.

The key to good service, we know, is to work in seamlessly with loading and unloading. Our aim is that you don’t even know we are there. The amount of demurrage that ships incur these days doesn’t bear thinking about. We want to make sure the cargo is transported quickly and safely with no risk of insects delivered.
Dealey are licenced to provide fumigation solutions to the shipping sector in the UK and beyond.

We are able to offer the following treatments for your cargo needs –

  • Port to Port Intransit Phosphine Fumigation
  • Insecticide Admix treatment
  • De-gassing of bulk cargoes.

We are able to offer a competitive quotation coupled with a dedicated team able to react to your needs.

Ship Fumigation
Ship Fumigation
Ship venting
Ship venting

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