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Agricultural Pest Control

Agricultural Pest Control

Pest Control on Farms

Pest control on farms is unique because farmers are unique.

For us, unique pleasures of dealing with people on fair and equal terms are balanced by the unique challenges of trying to encourage inbound rodents to eat rat bait instead of the 500 tonnes of grain sat in the grainstore!

We love farmers, we love farming, farmers hate rats, we hate rats. Dealey Pest Control is a marvellous solution for the agricultural community because we ‘just get it.’ There’s none of the sterile and unimaginative pest control tried by the larger companies, we are small enough to be responsive and to tailor a proper baiting plan which is specific to the pest problems of an agricultural site.

All our methods are ecologically sound. We have been refining them over twenty plus years and we can accurately bait for rodents without putting wildlife, products or livestock at risk. We follow the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use Code of practice ( to make sure we have the most environmentally secure systems of baiting in place.

We are happy guiding you through the audit process for TASCC, ACCS, Red Tractor and the like. One less headache on a difficult audit day!

All of us love the countryside, most of us are farmer’s sons, all of us love shooting. Except for Martin. Who is a vegan. We try not to talk to him.

Grain store treatment

Grain Store Treatments

Whether it’s getting stores ready before harvest, debugging after an infestation or refilling during the storage season we’re on hand to make sure your stores are insect-free.

A wide range of chemicals are at our fingertips to suit your needs.

Crawling insect monitors are provided to new customers free of charge to make sure there is no residual insect activity.

A very cost-effective process.

Dealey uses the best equipment with the latest chemicals (DEFRA Approved, of course) to make sure that every inch of the store is treated.

The construction of the store is taken into account. If the store is made of wood, has grain handling machinery or has lots of nooks and crannies, Dealey will use powered air to blast their insecticides into all of those out-of-sight places where the bugs are hiding.

Dealey will regularly revolve their active ingredients (change the chemicals they use from year to year) to make sure there are no cases of chemical resistance in the insects they are going after.

Dealey treat all areas of the store with high pressure sprays or powered air mists. They even treat the ceilings. Treating from the top down like this makes sure that the whole store gets covered.

Dealey install insect pheromone traps after they spray the store, if you find any insects on these before harvest we will come back and treat again for free!

Dealey Fumigation is a very open company full of technical experts. If you want to know more about grain storage, just contact us for the answers.

Grain care

Grain Care

Look after the profits from your year’s hard work with our Grain Care service.

The HGCA AHDB Good Storage Guide says you should check you grain weekly. Do you know what you are looking for? Do you want the reassurance of an expert to help you optimise your storage to make sure you go, stay and enjoy being bug free.
Our guys have seen the end results of misguided storage practices. The thing is, everyone thinks they are storing right until they get a problem, be it condensation, moisture absorption, insects or germination. We will help you swing the odds of storage so decisively in your favour that you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing your grain is protected and there isn’t an upsetting unplanned cost of a fumigation or a rejection on the horizon.

If you get a weighbridge claim, we will be there to fight your corner.

Admix Treatments

Admix Treatments

The solution for long term storage.

The longer you store grain the higher the risk of infestation, it’s as simple as that.

We have come up with several novel methods of admixture which can be used to mitigate the risk of long term storage.

With grain markets going up and down like…(insert smut here)… there is often the need to keep grain for longer than planned, overyearing, sometimes even hanging on to grain for two years.

Just recently we carried out a grain admixture treatment on wheat from three harvests ago.

Organic grain? No problem! We have insecticide admix solutions for that too.
Don’t get rid of your grain at a bad price just because it’s too risky to hang on to it. Give us a call instead. We’ll provide you with long term storage options, free from the risk of infestation.

We have been covering all of East Anglia, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire for pest control since 1994 when we first started. We understand farming and we understand pests. Get in touch today.

Some of the audit standards we work to
Some of the audit standards we work to
Agricultural Pest Control Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex
Agricultural Pest Control
GrainCare for all parts of the storage cycle
GrainCare for all parts of the storage cycle
Pest Control for farms
Pest Control for farms

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