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Dealey Pest Academy Podcast- Episode 5

Friday 2nd April 2021

This episode, Martin Cobbald has a sit down and jibber jabbers with Nik Gray from ActionCoach.

The average size of a pest control company in the UK is 2.5 employees. That includes the big guys. So, clearly there are a lot of pest controllers out there who work for themselves.

What if they want to break out of the mould of the sole trader? A coach can help. Nik specialises in getting you the following

  1. Get back your Time to do the things you want to do
  2. Create a Team that takes ownership and gets results
  3. Multiply the profits of your business
  4. Understand your  goals and create a road map to get there
  5. Your business coach will support & challenge you every step of the way

We hope you enjoy the episode. It is a little light on pest control technicalities. I think Martin even makes it through this one without mentioning his speciality of fumigation!

Valuable stuff. Enjoy.

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