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Rodent control in Grain Stores- Part 3 of 3

Monday 22nd March 2021

Thinking like a rat

Picture this. You are a fat and happy rat who lives in a field. Summer is coming to an end, the ditches are filling up with water and the nights are getting colder. Food is harder to come by. You are safe in your field but there is only so much hunger you can stand. So, you get on the move.

You notice a set of buildings, they look scary but you reckon there might be some warmth there. You squeeze in under the door. On closer inspection you see that the building you are in is full of food. You find a spot to hide out in the building.

Some prat comes around and puts down food around the building but it’s new and different. Why change from the food you already have and you know is safe?

That’s ‘job done’ for the winter

That’s the traditional story at least.

What if there is rodent proofing involved?

You’re a hungry rat looking for warmth and food. You try to squeeze under the door of the building but find your way blocked by a hard black strip that you can’t gnaw through.

You decide to try an alternative. A rat sized black box with a rat sized hole in the side. There is food inside. Happy days.

To proof or not to proof?

What are the pros and cons of this system?

Proofed farm buildings

Un-proofed farm buildings

Use bait only when needed

Use an unlimited amount of bait

Effective (you get them all)

Partly effective (you get the skulkers)

Safe machinery

Expensive repair bills

Rats do not have access to grain

Rats have access to spoil your grain


The argument for rodent proofing couldn’t be clearer. You can keep them out. With enough persistence you can keep rats out of any building.

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