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Where do hot spots in grain come from?

Thursday 22nd April 2021

Hot spots in grain can lead to all manner of problems with the quality of the grain you are storing.

Wheat, barley, rye, oilseeds and oats are all susceptible to the microclimates that arise when you put lots of seeds all together in the same place.

These microclimates can lead to hotspots which then encourage mould growth, insect infestation and serious loss of quality and therefore profits.

Many farmers that I speak to are unsure as to how hot spots start and how to deal with them.

Below is a short(ish) video on why hot spots happen and what to do about them.

Grain store

You might think it strange that, as a fumigation company, we try to do everything we can to stop people having to have a fumigation. Yes, if you get insects in your grain, we are on hand to help with a grain fumigation. But up to that point, there are at least four services you can count on to stop these damaging insects making a home in your grain stores.

Our GrainCare subscription service includes

  • Grain store cleaning
  • Insect trapping in grain stores
  • Pre Harvest grain store treatments with insecticides
  • Monthly GrainCare visits including insect surveys, condition reports, storage advice and surface treatments.
  • Admixture spot treatments

But if none of that sounds interesting, you can always pick up the phone to us when you need you grain fumigated.

Enjoy the video!

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Hotspots and crusting can be a real problem for long term grain

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