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Back of House Fly & Insect Control

Genus Viper

Genus Viper fly control
Genus Viper
Description Part Number Price Buy
Viper White Glue Board 30w Safety Tubes VPC215-S £139.00
Viper White Glue Board 30w VPC215 £135.00
Viper White Electric Grid 30w Safety Tubes VPK215-S £149.00
Viper White Electric Grid 30w VPK215 £145.00

Product Information

Combining high performance with versatility, Genus® Viper provides a choice of mounting location, ensuring all application requirements are satisfied.

Fitted with two 15 W lamps, Genus® Viper attracts flies into the high voltage grid where they are electrocuted and safely collected in the deep catch tray.

  • High voltage grid ILT for light commercial applications.
  • Quick and easy, both-hands free servicing
  • Optional sleeved lamps for added safety in food production areas
  • Free standing, wall mounted or ceiling suspended installation options

Genus Liberator

Genus Liberator insect control
Genus Liberator
Description Part Number Price Buy
Liberator Stainless Steel Electric Grid 60w IP45 LJK415-JP-S £569.00
Liberator Stainless Steel Glue Board 60w IP45 LJC415-JP-S £549.00
Liberator Stainless Steel Glue Board 60w Safety Tubes LSC415-S £339.00
Liberator Stainless Steel Glue Board 60w LSC415 £319.00
Liberator Stainless Steel Electric Grid 60w Safety Tubes LSK415-S £359.00
Liberator Stainless Steel Electric Grid 60w LSK415 £349.00

Product Information

Designed for hardwearing reliability in the toughest environments without compromising performance. Easy servicing capability minimizes downtime.

Genus® Liberator is fast and easy to service, with front and back external grills hinging to allow both-hands-free servicing. Available as a high voltage or a glue board unit. IP45 rated jet proof unit available for wet and washdown areas.

  • Heavy duty ILT specifically engineered for the toughest working environments.
  • Tool-free, fast and easy maintenance
  • Splash & Jet Proof IP45 option for wash-down, wet or damp areas
  • Wall mounted or suspended location

Genus Spectra

Genus Spectra fly control
Genus Spectra
Description Part Number Price Buy
Spectra Compact 36w Safety Tubes SPE136-S £179.00
Spectra Compact 36w SPE136 £169.00
Spectra 72w Safety Tubes SPE236-S £289.00
Spectra 72w SPE236 £279.00

Product Information

Sleek design with high fly attraction

The slim design of the Genus® Spectra allows this insect light trap to fit tightly against the wall for areas where space is at a premium.

Using a high UVA output, this unit delivers increased fly-catch performance and features strategically positioned glue boards for a more effective catch. 

  • Two 36W bulbs delivering fast fly catch 
  • Finished with an attractive screen providing complete catch containment 
  • Can be mounted on the wall horizontally, vertically or in the corner 
  • Free-standing swivel option Lift-and-stay hinged cover for both-hands-free servicing

Genus Optica

Genus Optica insect control
Genus Optica
Description Part Number Price Buy
Optica 180 45w IP65 Safety Tubes OPT315-JP-S £529.00
Optica 180 45w Safety Tubes OPT315-S £279.00
Optica 180 45w OPT315 £269.00

Product Information

Genus® Optica utilizes Translucent TechnologyTM to bring high performance fly catch even against smaller species.

Genus® Optica features silent operation for public areas and the robust performance needed for hard-use production areas plus IP65 rated option for wash down or damp locations. It is even effective against smaller, hard to catch species such as Fruit Flies.

Slimline ILT for faster fly catch

  • Translucent Technology™ and uniquely positioned lamps increase flying insect catch rate
  • Wipe clean slim line design for smart, hygienic appearance
  • Fully opening side hinged front cover aids quick and easy servicing
  • Quick release & pull front cover gives easy access for tool-free maintenance and glue board replacement

Genus Cobra

Genus Cobra fly control
Genus Cobra
Description Part Number Price Buy
Cobra IP45 Grey Safety Tubes CG315-JP-S £369.00
Cobra Translucent 45w Safety Tubes CT315-S £229.00
Cobra Translucent 45w CT315 £219.00
Cobra Grey 45w Safety Tubes CG315-S £165.00

Product Information

Using patented Translucent Technology™, Genus® Cobra produces faster flying insect catch when compared against other non-translucent fly traps of a similar power.

Translucent Technology™ coupled with internal reflector panels enhances UVA output, enabling Genus® Cobra to catch more flies, faster. Easy servicing and low running costs add value throughout the supply chain and an IP45 rated jet-proof option is available for wet, damp or wash down areas.

Pioneering ILT harnessing Translucent TechnologyTM for faster fly catch

  • Translucent Technology™ catches more flies, faster
  • Quick release front cover for fast & easy servicing
  • Optional IP45 rated unit for use in wet & wash-down areas
  • Low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions

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