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Grain Store Products

Mouse Stop

Mouse Stop Permium
Description Part Number Price Buy
Mouse Stop Premium MOUSESTOP £15.00

Product Information

An animal-friendly pest control paste, used worldwide since 1990 to seal cracks, seams and holes to prevent ingress from rodents and insects. Contains no biocides, is instantly waterproof and instantly effective.

MouseStop Premium is based on the existing tried and tested formula but also includes copper fibres which make the product metal detectable and adds further strength and longevity.

It also includes additional herbs that add a pleasant scent to the product.

Pitfall Traps for Grain Stores

Pitfall Trap
Description Part Number Price Buy
Pitfall Trap (Pack of Ten) PITFALL-TRAP £65.00

Product Information

A pack of ten grain pitfall traps. Perfect for putting in the top of your grain for long term storage.

Pitfall traps are best used in pairs, one on top of the grain and one about six inches under the surface.

The design of these traps was the result of a year of research at the Central Science Laboratories to work out the most efficient design for insect monitoring traps in grain.

These are a must-have piece of kit for anyone storing grain for longer than six weeks.


Insect Traps for empty stores x 5 with pheromone inserts

Insert Traps
Description Part Number Price Buy
Insect Traps INSECT-TRAPS £10.42

Product Information

These traps come with a removable sticky insert that is imbued with an insect pheremone.

Insect pheremone traps should be used in empty grain stores to determine if the store needs to be treated.

There are four, easily mountable ramps which means that insects will find it easy to enter the trap from any side.

The insect pheremone traps should be placed ten metres apart at the wall/floor junctions of your grain store for the best results.


Grain Sieve

Grain Sieve
Description Part Number Price Buy
Grain Sieve GRAIN-SIEVE £191.00

Product Information

Grain sieves are the first thing that any experienced storage professional reaches for.

You use it to take samples from all over the top of the heap (where the insects are most likely to be)

We use 2.0mm seives with a catch tray.

It won't work for the smaller oilseeds but it is the most versatile bit of kit for surveying for insects in wheat, barley, rye, linseed, beans, rice and much more

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